Floor Care

Our floor care system is designed to be simple, effective, cost saving, and safe.


Floor coatings from Arkad are designed to last!  They recover when cleansed with COF-1 and burnish back to a high shine.  Ask us for references from customers who have gone more than 5 years without needing to strip!

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King Bottle.jpg

2 Coats of Sealer (Optional)

3 Coats of Finish

Arkad King Sealed Floor
Arkad Capture Finished Floor

COF-1 is designed to open the pores of floor finish, remove the dirt, and fill them back in with protectant.  This cleanses and maintains the shine of a floor when used regularly, and can also be used to restore floors avoiding the need to strip.



Before Zing Only One

When used with Arkad Capture, you can recover badly damaged floors like this!

Other Benefits:

- EPA Safer Choice

- Reduces Labor

- Reduces Costs

- Low Odor

- Non-Slippery

- Removes Tough Marks

- Removes Ink

- Restores Shine

- Protects Floor

- Increases Grip

- Reduces Dusting


After Zing Only One


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