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Clean for Infection Prevention

Clean - Disinfect - Protect

Step 1 - Cleaning

Cleaning removes soils from surfaces in a building.  Microfiber tools physically captures soils from a surface far more effectively than traditional rags and mops.  Microfiber tools are also launderable making them a green choice when compared to disposable rags and mops.

The Mothership microfiber cleaning system makes microfiber cleaning easy and intuitive.

Red Microfiber




Green Microfiber

Yellow Microfiber



Basic Cleaning



Door Knobs

V-Mop Microfiber wet mops

Use microfiber technology to clean floors.

The Mothership V-Mop system uses 2 buckets to separate clean & dirty mop water

Water in buckets after cleaning

Water from

Dirty Bucket

Water from

Clean Bucket

Step 2 - Disinfecting

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects.  Most disinfectants use Quaternary Ammonium compounds to kill germs.  The problem with this is that these products are often corrosive on surfaces.  Peroxy HDOX uses Hydrogen Peroxide to kill germs on surfaces without a corrosive pictogram.

One Chemical - 2 Dilutions to clean all surfaces

Cleaning Dilution

Disinfecting Dilution

Step 3 - Protecting

New technologies can help protect touch-points throughout the year.  Self cleaning surfaces can be applied to touch points throughout your building.

Nanoseptic surfaces provide a safe, powerful, continuous self cleaning action.  They use light to create an oxidation reaction more powerful than bleach!