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CDC Flu Cleaning 1

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CDC Flu And You


CDC Flu Education 1

CDC Flu Education 2

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Additional Recommendations

  • Ensure your disinfectant is EPA Registered to kill the Influenza Virus (Peroxy HDOX is EPA Registered to Kill the Influenza Virus)

  • Refresh proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures with custodians

  • Pay extra attention to touch points

  • Allow proper dwell time

  • If possible, use microfiber tools to prevent cross contamination

  • Ask teaching staff to reinforce proper hand washing techniques with students

  • Advise parents about the symptoms of influenza and ask them to KEEP SICK CHILDREN HOME

  • Ask teachers & nurses to alert cleaning staff if a student has gone home sick so extra attention can be paid to those rooms / desks

  • Keep parents & staff up to date on your cleaning for infection prevention procedures


If you would like us to help create a written cleaning for infection prevention program please contact us.

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