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Complete Microfiber Cleaning System

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A Complete Cleaning System

The Mothership Microfiber Cleaning Platform utilizes the most advanced technologies available in the cleaning industry today.  


Starting with the Mothership Platform

you can:

  • Greatly reduce cross contamination

  • Eliminate rags and the use of paper towels when cleaning

  • Eliminate mop buckets

  • Improve cleaning effectiveness

  • Reduce costs

  • And More!

Pre-Treat Microfiber Wet Mops

Eliminate mop buckets that spread dirt and germ through your buildings with a pre-treat system.

Its Simple:

  • Color Coded mops to distinguish between products and heavily contaminated areas

  • 5 mops are pre-treated with 1qt of cleaner

  • 1 mop is used in each area (i.e. 1 bathroom per mop)

  • Soiled mops are laundered each day

The Benefits:

  • No cross contamination

  • Vastly reduced chemical usage (1 qt for 5 rooms instead of 5 gallons in a mop bucket)

  • Improved cleaning performance

  • Less effort to clean

  • Faster cleaning times

  • Easier staff training

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