We find the best technologies available to solve a problem.  We can reduce the number of cleaning products needed dramatically and create better outcomes.

Green Floor Care

Nontoxic Disinfectant

Paper & Hand Care



Peroxy HDOX


Peroxy HDOX cleans and disinfects with one low toxicity product. It is the only EPA Registered cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, fungicide based on Hydrogen Peroxide without added Ammonium, Silver, or Mineral Acids. This makes it simple, effective, and safe to use. One product in two different dilutions can take care 95% of your needs.



Everything starts at the floor. Traditional methods of floor care require toxic stripping every year. They can't be repaired and they create dust when burnished. Worst of all, most people cant answer questions when there are problems. Our system solves all of these problems and creates a safe long term alternative. Ask us for references from customers who have gone 5+ years without stripping!

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100% Recycled Paper

Paper and hand soap are some of the most commonly used products in a facility and make an impression on guests. High quality is important, but at a reasonable cost. Our systems are designed with quality and savings in mind. Our system is green certified and promises quality and savings.

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Having the right tools can reduce staff fatigue and improve cleanliness. We only carry equipment that has long warranties and high quality components. One other thing, we only recommend equipment made in the USA!

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Prevent dirt from traveling through the building

Silt, sand, pebbels, salt and other fine grit damages floors and contributes to poor indoor air quality.  One of the best ways to prevent this material from traveling through your building is to implement our Grit Grab system.

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